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Kinshasha Kambui from HealthNotes, KFAI Radio Without Boundaries, Minneapolis - Saint Paul, interviewed Dr. Bijaoui on her book, The Other Side of The Curtain - Recovering from Deep Coma.

This interview is now on SoundCloud and you may listen to it right here.  


The Other Side of The Curtain - Also, a Visit to Dreamland

An amazing non-fiction account of brain injury and coma survival in Marseille, instead of a motorcycle accident fatal statistic! 

A dream had predicted this accident, while other dreams provided messages for healing, growing, and self-realization beyond expectations.

Decoding her dreams and revisiting her past, the author found out that after one year of anguish, this Death Wish (Freud) was the consequence of the violence of May 1968 in France


The Other Side of The Curtain describes and analyzes the author's seven dreams.   

The creative integration of Nadia’s dreams to art and research fuses the mysteries of dreaming to science within an unexpected and powerful blending, giving a dimension of surrealism to a non-fiction narrative concluded with scientific breakthroughs. 

"Dreaming is beautiful! It's the secret key to our higher self" Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui.



"From her childhood in Tunisia and France, to a devastating motorcycle accident, to the dreams that led to her higher self, Bijaoui’s narrative tells an emotional true tale of recovery, love, and faith. Her story is as inspiring as it is jaw dropping.

Her unique model for her book leads the reader into various doorways of her life at different time periods, which offers an intriguing glimpse inside the thought process and dreams she experienced throughout the years. The interconnectedness of her seemingly unrelated experiences is fascinating; her attitude and outlook on the world are equally mesmerizing.

Bijaoui spent her early childhood in the then-French-controlled colony of Tunisia, where she was exposed to the realities of a cruel world. Childhood memories, both good and painful, blur into that tragic night in 1969. A motorcycle crash sent Bijaoui flying 36 meters, and she landed on the pavement without a helmet and was pronounced dead. She writes about her time in French hospitals, the vivid dream she had about her three-month coma, the spiritual aspects of being in that transcendental state.

Bijaoui also details the time-spent decades later undergoing an emotional and psychological healing that she did not allow herself to engage in immediately after the accident. It is during this time period that she evaluates her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic, and looks back at her life with a clear mind and open heart; she evaluated her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic. She sought the ultimate recovery, which took her into her own psyche and to healers who extracted years of deep, buried pain that still existed in her once-broken body.

The Other Side of The Curtain is a compelling memoir of a woman whose life has been dotted with both joy and tragedy, but always with courage. Spirituality mixes with shocking true tales and the history of the past in her memorable book" (A.H.).

From a Fatal Accident to Bio Health Education

Book ultimate message: A little voice is trying to reach out to us, often through our dreams.

The other side of the curtain is the space between life and death.

The other side of the curtain is also a quest to understand beyond being a miracle (Preamble)


Furhermore, the other side of the curtain is the space that consciousness doesn’t control, the dreamland space.  

Driven by the desire to understand why and by analyzing her dreams, the author transcended her pains into learning, growing, and transmitting, for the ultimate joy; and by creating: "Discover Your Nightlife - Dream Mysteries Decoded"

What happened the night she came back from celebrating the most difficult 1969-French Baccalaureate?

Nadia loved living in the South of France and studying French literature and poetry, until the deadly political events of May 1968. One year later, at 18, she was pronounced dead after a motorcycle accident. Yet, she entered a three-month coma. 

L' Hôpital de la Timone - Marseille

When she woke up, her unexpected survival surprised everyone, except her mother (Annie Boukris) who didn’t leave her side during the three months she was comatose.   

Nadia and her mother engaged in a speedy recovery and lived on as if nothing ever happened. 

Los Angeles

But there are things in life that one cannot forget.

Years later, after a  couple of  decades of denial, Nadia began a secret search and found seven elements that explained her total recovery. 


Revisiting her dreams, she connected them to the events of her life.

Her search took her much further when she wondered: “Why did it happen?”. That took her back to inhibited anxieties (Freud’s Death Wish) and to the violent events of May 1968 in France.


Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui’s mission was  to demystify the mystery of dreams, to transcend her recovery into “Growing & Learning from PTSD” (Part 2 of this book), and to transmit through Bio Health Education (BHE), a health model she created to prevent and to heal. 

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ISBN: 978-0-9762582-4-7
LOC: 2016914215

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