Soil & Sea Sensational (SSS)

Healing the planet starts by the choices we make every day.

Sea & Soil Sensational (SSS) symbolize the Essentials of Planet Earth.

SSS nourishes us and generates vital energy.   

SSS provides ways to communicate, travel, and transport. 

Bio Health Education endorses hopes and actions that heal the planet.

June 3, 2018 - Beyond U.S. New Import Tax

U.S. New Import Tax


United States new tax on selected imports (now steel and aluminum, not too long ago oil and gasoline) provoked different reactions worldwide, including commercial retaliation from concerned countries.


Besides financial consequences for all parties, what would be the next outcomes?

Import-Export Transactions

- Yes, import-export transactions could be drastically reduced.

What else could be anticipated?

- And if import-export transactions were reduced, could it be anticipated that local industries would need to develop to satisfy local supplies?

Global Transports

- So, if import-export transactions were reduced and local needs satisfied locally, wouldn’t global transports decrease as well? (See below @ Global Reductions)

June 3, 2018: You read it here first:

Global Reductions

Thus, if import-export transactions and global transports are reduced, what else would be decreased?

Bio Health Education Anticipation


World Toxic Waste

What an unexpected and spectacular American approach to reduce world toxic waste and to actively participate in healing the planet!

From Commercial War to The Future of Global Warming

The United Stated started an international commercial war.

Bio Health Education looks forward to an unexpected global warming decrease after a reduction of world transports.

February 2017, Bio Health Education published From Silent Spring to Silent Cemetery. Is it too late? Is there still hope? 


This article reported whales expiring on the coasts of New Zeeland and human’s bodies rejected on Mediterranean shores. Rachel Carson warned us in Silent Spring...


Maybe there is hope now:  Thanks to the U.S. new tax on imports that is provoking similar actions in other countries:

It seems like the big beneficiary would be the PLANET, which should be recorded in upcoming statistical pollution reports.

And as the planet heals, Bio Health Education hopes that Scientists would have carte blanche in developing new non-polluting transportation means.