My Physical Health (PH) Educational Project Guided Self-Help

My Physical Health First Prevention Level (PH1)

PH1 refers to taking action even though no symptoms are present, whether at risk or not, and always within a psychoanalytic perspective.  


* My weekly food intake

                                                                                                                             Create your own best diet 

Avoiding ingredients that cause preventable diseases while enjoying what you eat.
Online $30

* My Personal Wellness Agenda

                                                                                                                            Create your best lifestyle 

Applying a proven health framework for all areas of your life.

Online $40

* An Invitation to A Journey (Weekend retreat - or one week? - or longer?)

                                                                                     Title borrowed from Charles Baudelaire’s poem
The ultimate retreat for body, mind, spirit, and especially an insightful voyage within - in other words a psychoanalytic guided journey.
Listed as a Physical Health Project and extending to Mental Wellness and Social Health Projects.

Locations & prices to be announced 

Interested in taking your own group to a life journey? Contact us!

My Physical Health Second Prevention Level (PH2)

PH2 refers to taking action when at risk and when symptoms appear, and always within a psychoanalytic perspective.                                        

* From Baby Fat to Chronic Diseases

                                                                                              Too much too soon? Not enough too soon? 

The challenges of growing and staying healthy while eating well. 

Online starting at $25


* Stress Will Kill You – Di-Stress!

                                                                                   What happen to the body when stress takes over?

Importance of analysis and  regularization of your own stress system:

"Think of the way an elastic works when we keep on stretching it over and over to the point that it breaks" (Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, 2018).
Online starting at $20: Your individual situation for your own stress management program.

Bio Health Education Anti Stress Tip (BHE-AST): Introducing Step 1 in reducing stress: Identify your best coping system. (Included with the service above.)

* Obesity

                                                                                                            Dieting may not work for too long...

Strategies to overcome obesity in good health:

Online starting at $20

My Physical Health Third Prevention Level (PH3)

PH3 refers to taking action when symptoms are fully blown and always within a psychoanalytic perspective.                                         

* Complexity of An Eating Disorder

                        Dedicated to my young anorexic friend ~The Other Side of The Curtain  Chapter 11
Physiological and emotional approaches to overcome an eating disorder.                               

Eating Disorder is purposely listed under physical health instead of mental health.

Online starting at $25

* Type II Diabetes 

                                             Why it doesn't have to be: Connecting  to what’s happening to the body.
Behavioral and educational strategies to lower a high blood glucose level, the easy way. 

Be aware: Sugar (glucose) in the blood is not glucose for the brain. 

Online starting at $20

* Dementia & Alzheimer

                                                                                                                           Why the brain slows down?

"Our brain is like a play-dough in need of unprocessed glucose" (Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui).

Behavioral and educational strategies to improve brain activities, the easy way.

Be aware: Glucose (sugar) for the brain is not sugar in the blood.

Online starting at $20