It took much longer than anticipated to finalize the gatherings of my numerous and scattered notes, to find the explanation of the past in the future, to understand what I went through and why it happened. 

I needed to fully comprehend the physical and the metaphysical reasons for my survival to give wholeness and depth to a substantial and compelling, but otherwise plain, description of events. 

Being “Le miracle” of “L’Hôpital de La Timone” was not enough for my searching intellect. 


Eventually, the mystery of my complete recovery was solved. And my Cartesian mind was finally satisfied when logic—and science—explained the blurred, when I found The Seven Elements. 

This investigation took me back to my childhood, shifting my intended scientific and psychological report into a memoir. Indeed, a chronological account of the events that expressively defined The Seven Elements seemed to be a more appropriate format for the two first parts of this trilogy; and the very reason why it became a memoir. 

As a result of previous trials, the narration is not always in chronological order. Furthermore, added interjections I could not turn off arose at the time of the writing. 


In other words, it sometimes is the voice from the past and the comments of the present. Marcel Proust was a master at this process. But I do not have his talent. So for clarity purposes, I will occasionally write in italics, untangling the events of the past from my thoughts of the present, which are “l’emblème de mon esprit bariolé”, Charles Baudelaire (the emblem of my multicolored mind). 

Those Seven Elements started in my childhood (Part 1) and continued their magic after the accident (Part 2). They are revealed and analyzed in Part 3. 

The purpose of this organization is to guide the reader into finding the Seven Elements, as I did. The next chapters may be read as a puzzle, as my own story was to me: 

Why did I survive the way I did when other less fortunate lost their life, or lost some physical or mental capacities, in spite of lesser injuries to their body and brain? 

The answer was in the Seven Elements. 

Of course, this book may also be read as a novel for entertainment purpose and without trying to figure out anything. 

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

Preamble of The Other Side of The Curtain - Recovering from Deep Coma