Memberships @ The Star's Projects

The Star's Projects offers full memberships or memberships to individual projects.

Benefits of Full Membership @The Star’s Projects

Benefits of A Membership @The Star’s Projects


Being affiliated to an organization that promotes integration of life essentials for personal harmony, and for local and global peace.


You will be awarded a certificate as a Member of The Star’s Projects.

Projects Enrollment

  • You will receive a 20% discount when you enroll to your first BHE-Project. 
  • You will receive a 10% discount when you enroll to your next BHE-Projects

Initial Free Consultation

A free 25-minute Consultation (value $150) - Your choice of topic: physical, social, or mental wellness/health; dream analysis; or behavior modification. 

Free Entrance Fee

The opportunity to participate for free to Femmes TEB Voyage – Men Welcome, a Social Health Project. 


The opportunity to produce a sub-project within one of The Star’s Projects, such as Shelly B. @ The Star Projects.