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“Love thy Neighbor as you Love Thyself “ An illusion? Or a Vision?


The Old Testament predicted the most difficult human behavior to be: 

Love thy Neighbor as you Love Thyself.



First Article

August 8, 2017, Bio Health Education published an article titled “HATE IS A DISEASE”.  

October 28, 2018

After yesterday shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg, August 8, 2017 article was restructured as “HATE IS A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE”. 


So far, incarceration and judgment are the best methods available to deal with the calamity of hate, but it’s not sufficient. 

Hate crimes are being punished but that does not stop the hate syndrome to erupt again and again because hate has not been treated as a disease. Moreover, hate is a dangerous contagious disease that keeps on spreading.

From hate to hate crimes, the distance is acting on misconstrued emotions.

Table of Content

1- Definitions 

2- Diagnosis 

3- Application of the hate disease to Hitler

4- Bio Health Education Anti-Hate Program

5- Song: Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog) by Jean Ferrat 

6- Poem: Le Tonneau de La Haine (The Barrel of Hate) by Charles Baudelaire

Distance from hate to hate crimes: Misconstrued emotions

1- Definitions

Popular definition of disease:

Specific illness or disorder characterized by a recognizable set of signs and symptoms attributable to heredity, infection, diet, or environment.

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui’s definition of hate:

“Hate is a disease that starts with toxins acquired at the cellular level”.

2- Diagnosis – Analysis of The Hate Syndrome

Physiological aspect of hate: 

An initial perception triggers a cellular chain reaction, resulting in an interpretation based on that first perception. 

Environmental aspect of hate: 

The need to kill the ones perceived as the source of this hate intensifies this chain reaction

Emotions relief is expressed in attacking others.

3- Application of the definition of the hate disease to Hitler

Unknown fact: 

Hitler was in love with a Jewish woman. But her father firmly opposed to their marriage. Even though Hitler’s father was Jewish, his mother was not, a requirement to marry into a practicing Jewish family.

(Source: The daughter of a Nazi officer close to Hitler.)

Known fact: 

Hitler’s mission was to kill all Jews,


Hitler’s hate for Jews was based on an environmental factor (initial perception) and an emotional reaction (rejection from the father of the Jewish woman he loved and wanted to marry). 

This triggered Hitler’s physiological factor and chain reaction: the urge to kill all Jews.


Hitler hate crimes still persist, even though the first and true reason of his hate (being rejected by the father of the Jewish woman he wanted to marry) is probably unknown to the ones who caught Hitler’s disease of hate.

4- Bio Health Education (BHE) Anti-Hate Program

The disease of hate can and should be modified. 

BHE offers personal guidance (The Hate Syndrome @ SH3) and a program assessing the degree and expression of hate for a behavior modification starting at the cellular level. 

BHE also invites organizations interested in implementing BHE Anti-Hate Program within their communities: 

Please contact us for more details. 

5- Song: Nuit & Brouillard by Jean Ferrat (Night and Fog)

Jean Ferrat wrote a powerful song that lived beyond him about that train of hate going to Nazi camps. 

Contact us for this song translation in English.

6- Poem: Le Tonneau de La Haine by Charles Baudelaire (The Bottomless Barrel of Hate)

This poem of Charles Baudelaire is available @ Poesie française.fr  .

Contact us for this poem translation in English.

Healing us and healing the ones suffering from the hate syndrome is becoming more and more urgent.