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Call for Comments & Feedbacks!

My research on dream science took me further than expected

It led me to two breakthroughs:

1- REM Sleep Paradox solved!

Solving the paradox also involved a new terminology for NON-Rem sleep to pre-REM and post-REM.

2- Dream recall is correlated to psychic (in psychoanalytic terminology) wellness. 

I welcome feedbacks and comments about those two breakthroughs! 

What Happened?

Dr. Basil Ablul-Enein contacted Dr. Nadia Bijaoui about a research topic: dreaming and healthy behaviors.


While reading about the advances and the setbacks in mainstream dream science, it became apparent to Dr. Bijaoui that was missing in the scientific literature was a link according to dreaming in psychoanalysis. 

Breakthrough in Dreaming: A new dream definition; The role of the "Inconscient" in dreaming; The Paradox of the REM sleep explained; Interventions so that dreaming promotes healthy behaviors.

Popular Dream Definition: 

"A dream is the disguised manifestation of a repressed desire" (Freud, 1916-17) is still used today, although with different words.

New Dream Definition:

"Dreaming is a manifestation of a memory, disguised to a certain degree, which is triggered by a recent event, and expressed within a repeated cycle of pre-REM, REM, and post-REM sleep" (Bijaoui et al., 2018). 

REM Sleep Paradox:

Solving the paradox also involved a new terminology for NON-Rem sleep to pre-REM and post-REM.

The International Journal of Dream Research

IT'S OFFICIAL! February 8, 2019, The International Journal of Dream Research accepted for publication Bijaoui et al. (2018) dream paper:

Bijaoui N. J., Bernstein J, Markham C, & Aboul-Enein BH. (2018). Can dream science be used to elicit healthy behaviors? International Journal of Dream Research (2019). 

Thank you, Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Markham, and Dr. Aboul-Enein! Each one of your requests for clarification helped me going even further! 

Thank you for trusting me in what I was postulating! 

We went far, my friends! 

A special thank you to Dr. Ablul-Enein for his great idea in correlating health research to dream research! 

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