IT'S OFFICIAL! Breakthrough in Dreaming!

What Happened?

Dr. Basil Ablul-Enein contacted Dr. Nadia Bijaoui about a research topic: dreaming and healthy behaviors.


While reading about the advances and the setbacks in mainstream dream science, it became apparent to Dr. Bijaoui that was missing in the scientific literature was a link according to dreaming in psychoanalysis. 

Breakthrough in Dreaming: A new dream definiton; The role of the "Inconscient" in dreaming; The Paradox of the REM sleep explained; Interventions so that dreaming promotes healthy behaviors.

Popular Dream Definition: 

"A dream is the disguised manifestation of a repressed desire" (Freud, 1916-17) is still used today, although with different words.

New Dream Definition:

"Dreaming is a manifestation of a memory, disguised to a certain degree, which is triggered by a recent event, and expressed within a repeated cycle of pre-REM, REM, and post-REM sleep " (Bijaoui et al., 2018). 

REM Sleep Paradox:

Solving the paradox also involved a new terminology for NON-Rem sleep to pre-REM and post-REM.

The International Journal of Dream Research

IT'S OFFICIAL! February 8, 2019, The International Journal of Dream Research accepted for publication Bijaoui et al. (2018) dream paper.

Bijaoui N. J., Bernstein J, Markham C, & Aboul-Enein BH. (2018). Can dream science be used to elicit healthy behaviors? International Journal of Dream Research (2019). 

Thank you, Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Markham, and Dr. Aboul-Enein! Each one of your requests for clarification helped me going even further! 

 Thank you for trusting me in what I was postulating! 

We went far, my friends! 

A special thank you to Dr. Ablul-Enein for his great idea in correlating health research to dream research and for seeking my expertise in dream mysteries.

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