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Femmes Transition/Explosion/Balance (TEB) Voyage Men Welcome

Femmes' TEB Voyage - Men Welcome!

                                                         “Women healing/leading humanity” (Xelaguar Bey).

* TEB voyage offers a platform for sharing and learning from each other and from the path left behind, while visualizing the path in front for personal and collective healing.

* TEB voyage reviews humanity’s historical, literary, artistic, political, & personal journeys for personal and collective growth


Femmes TEB Voyage is a project of BHE – Social Health @ The Star’s Projects.


The Star’s Projects offers memberships to promote health consciousness, education, and peace, while enjoying special benefits. 

Membership is required to participate to Femmes TEB Voyage forums/blogs. 

If finances are a challenge at this time, contact us. We will work out a solution.