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Femmes' TEB Voyage - Men Welcome!

                                                         “Women healing/leading humanity” (Xelaguar Bey).

* TEB voyage offers a platform for sharing and learning from each other and from the path left behind, while visualizing the path in front for personal and collective healing.

* TEB voyage reviews humanity’s historical, literary, artistic, political, & personal journeys for personal and collective growth


Femmes TEB Voyage is a project of BHE – Social Health @ The Star’s Projects.


The Star’s Projects offers memberships to promote health consciousness, education, and peace, while enjoying special benefits. 

Membership is required to participate to Femmes TEB Voyage forums/blogs. 

If finances are a challenge at this time, contact us. We will work out a solution.



Bio Health Education Post of March 8, 2019

“The ‘Me Too’ sexual assault awareness movement also means that when a single woman is sexually offended, all women are, broadening the scope of health education. Offenders may benefit from sex therapy through dream induction. Exploring offenders’ characters, and starting by evaluating their first relationship to a woman (probably the mother, implying possible family therapy), may provide a path to sexual sublimation transferring inappropriate sexual energy into higher purpose (Freud, 1916, 1917) and especially into non-offending ways. Haar (1973) referred to Freudian’s sexual sublimation as a possibility of evolution for sexual impulses”

 Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, 2018

Bio Health Education Post of March 8, 2017

World Women Day since 1917 

Russian women rioted to: 

bread & peace

oust the tsar 

end misery 

spouses back from WWI