Discover Your Nightlife! Dream Mysteries Decoded



And my 2019 Discover Your Nightlife Dream Workshops are applying my research findings!


In dreamland, a little voice is trying to reach out to us... What is it saying?


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The Other Side of The Curtain is also the space of dreamland.

Consciousness is in our side of the curtain, it's what we perceive, feel, and know -

"L' Inconscient"  (subconscious realm) reigns in dreamland. 


"Dreaming is beautiful! It's an intriguing blend of surrealism and science, it’s the secret key to our higher self", Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, the dream expert.

Research Psychoanalyst Certified by The Medical Board of California; Doctor in Health Education; graduated from The Keck School of Medicine of USC (Preventice Medicine); and from The USC Neuroscience Department.

Dreaming provides a voice to unspoken feelings by freeing our Inconscient (subconscious realm). 

Our dreams perform according to the dreamer unique editing: This is not a one fit-all formula.

Whether dreams are remembered or not, we dream. Messages in our dreams are opening the doors to self-discovery.

Dreaming offers a deeper connection to our higher self and provides answers to questions or issues we may not even know are affecting us.

Knowing the meaning of our dreams is essential for awareness and could guide us to self-discovery because dreaming is similar to the state of meditation and could be easier to reach for some of us.

Decoding our dreams clarifies the path to personal satisfaction and to self-realization.


"Discover Your Nightlife Workshop" is an interactive power point presentation introducing dreams settings and elements followed by an application to your dreams. It is based on the dimension of the unknown, dream science, and dream analysis.


This workshop provides information and tools guiding to enlightenment and self-realization by revealing the messages hidden in dreams.

Diccover Your Nightlife! 2019 Workshops


Varies with location - Please see Schedule below.

Upon Enrollment:

You will receive your digital copy of Dr. Bijaoui et al. latest dream paper. 

Highly recommended material:

The 7 dreams of the book will be assessed: 

“The Other Side of The Curtain”  - ISBN: 978-0-9762582-4-7

Available at workshop or from 

Itasca Books, or


or from your local bookstore  

Also now on sale eBook!

Reading may be started before or after workshop.

Don’t forget to bring your dreams! 

Check below the three bonuses offered by Bio Health Education.

Unless scheduled at a restaurant, refreshments will be served.

Time zone of events : Same as location' s time zone.

Marina Del Rey July 2019 - Rescheduled - Stay Tuned!


Discover Your Nightlife! Dream Mysteries Decoded Workshop

Burton W. Chace Park - Community Room

13650 Mindanao Way

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

From 2-6 p.m. - May be extended if necessary

In dreamland, a little voice is trying to reach out to us... what is it saying?

Your Host : Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, the dream expert

This is an interactive power point presentation introducing dream settings and elements. 

Based on *dream science, *dream analysis, and *the dimension of the unknown.

Interventions in dreaming will be introduced.

Followed by an application to your dreams. 

Bonus 1:

Your digital copy of Dr. Bijaoui et al. latest dream paper.

Bonus 2:

One year online free support to help you decode your dreams.

Bonus 3:
The opportunity to be part of a future dream research if you wish to measure your potential changes.  

Material provided at the workshop:

A copy of the power point presentation.

Recommended material: 

The Other Side of The Curtain

Available @ the workshop

@ Itasca Books or

Amazon or your local bookstore

Also available at workshop


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