About Bio Health Edu (BHE) Direct Channel

November 24, 2019 Update: 

A few months ago, Bio Health Education, aka Bio Health Edu, aka BHE, announced the launching of a channel to air its life/health educational messages. 

After some technical issues, BHE decided to go DIRECT!

Thanks to The World Wild Web (besides The World Wide Web!), online learning is now accessible anytime and from anywhere! 

       * Humor is one of BHE' s teaching styles (Check out About Me section).

      * Real knowledge is another one of BHE's teaching styles.

     * Intimidation & fear inducing methods are NEVER BHE styles!

Online informatics has conquered new spheres, an exciting and inspiring initiative to discover new territories, real knowledge, one click away, with BHE educational videos!

Yes, it’s stimulating! 

Bio Health Education (BHE) Direct Channel now presents wellness projects and life skills as video-courses. 

*  BHE - Courses Intro introduces Bio Health Education

* Selected BHE projects are being converted to videos as BHE-1, BHE-2, BHE-3, BHE-4, BHE-5…

* Some BHE courses/skills are free and some aren’t.

Watch here:

BHE-Intro - Introducing Bio Health Education courses/skills

Cost: Free

- Watch here BHE-1 - Total Wellness 

Full course on the three components of total wellness followed by skills:

Cost: $10

Watch here BHE-2- Anti-Stress Tips

Cost: Free

Welcome to an exciting journey of discoveries, knowledge, and freedom!

(“Education will set you free” - Maria Montessori) 

And please, stay tuned for BHE upcoming videos!

All Bio Health Education (BHE) videos are the intellectual property of Bio Health Education Copyright Ó2019 Bio Health Education 

No parts of BHE videos may be reproduced or altered in any way without Bio Health Education written consent. Please, contact us for more information.