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Bio Health Education Self-Help & Self-Development System (BHE - SHSD) interconnects three areas (physical, mental, and social wellness/health) within three levels of prevention for freedom from diseases and from negative influences for self-realization, and always within a psychoanalytic perspective.

"Our social health, physical health, and mental wellness are maintained by constant interactions with each other, consciously and subconsciously" Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui.

"Inconscient” and not “subconscious” is used here, as in psychoanalytic vocabulary.   

                                     "Inconscient" is the opposite side of consciousness.

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“While my field of studies (Health Education, Psychology, Neuroscience) may seem separated by an educational distance, they also indicate integration from the body to the mind to the brain, the ultimate link to homeostasis when researching, teaching, and practicing physical health, mental wellness, & social health" Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui. 

Bio Health Education (BHE) Sub-Projects

What is BHE?

BHE (2005) is: 

- a local and global

- informative and educational 

- self-help and self-development system that merges physical, mental, and social wellness/health for individuals and groups via: 

BHE includes sub-projects organized under physical health, mental wellness, and social health.

Sub-projects based on popular interests and educational research are listed in corresponding categories and further classified within three levels of prevention under:

Physical Health

Mental Wellness

Social Health 

BHE sub-projects are planned with a psycho-educational design and within a psychoanalytic perspective, such as:

Femmes' TEB Voyage, a Social Health project.

More BHE projects:

BHE Leadership Program

BHE Corporate ROI

BHE Model

If you have personal and/or professional interests in BHE - Self Help & Self Development (SHSD) and finances are a challenge at this time to sign up or to join, feel free to contact us: We will work out a solution!

About Me


A TV flash (2014? 2015?) on what I would call Hollywood Culture Crowd (HCC), a mix of actors and their close supporters, got my full attention. A new HCC trend, some sort of shamanism, was replacing yoga, meditation, self-awareness, body, and mind connection. Indeed, a Shaman from some foreign land was now appeasing this vulnerable population. 


The reporter described this new healer in the best way he could, as he attempted to state, as someone “who could see things you cannot see about yourself”.

                                                                I smiled! I liked that!

I now perceive myself differently. According to this definition, I am a Shaman! Better, a Shamaness! I do see things others cannot see, although, not with Shamanism. 

Not being mainstream and rather complex, classifying myself in typical ways is not always a given. I learned that my approach to healing was simply, the Shamaness’ Vision… 

                                               Thank you Mister Reporter! I owe you one! 

When I teach about self-identification, I now add this anecdote to the joke of the beautiful woman and the cowboy who had a brief conversation at a bar.


Yes, humor is part of my healing system, one of my strategies, especially when dealing with mysterious zones of the "Inconscient". 

"Inconscient" and not “subconscious” is used here, as in psychoanalytic language.


                           As a born teacher (this is genetic) and an avid learner (this is environmental) how I perceive myself has changed, inspired by my environment (nature and nurture).

Observing, learning, and teaching activated my passion to heal and transmit, which guided me into creating Bio Health Education (BHE) (2005).   

                     BHE is the result of “Learning and Growing from PTSD” (Part 2 of)                                                The Other Side of The Curtain.


My approach to health, like my education, is diversified within a dynamic realm of exchanges ranging from individual makeup, to behavior, and to societal integration - in other words, from neurons to skilled members of local and global cultures. 


Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

Medical Board of California Research Psychoanalyst #RP102 

Doctor in Health Education (D.H.Ed) 

P.H.D. in Psychology 

Master Degree in Psychoeductional Counseling

Graduate from USC-Keck School of Medicine 

Graduate from USC Neuroscience Program 

NPI Number 1689830358


Bio Health Education (BHE) Mission Statement

BHE offers the path to social, physical, and mental wellness/health for an integrated community within:

- a dynamic realm of exchanges between mind, body, and society,

- to access the individual human body as a whole (personal makeup)

- among local and global cultures (behavior and society).

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