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November 2003: Medias announced that the stars would form a Star of David in some parts of the world.   

The Stars that night formed a hexagon.

Bio Health Education @ The Star's Projects for Total Health, Wellness, & Freedom

"Education will set you free" (Maria Montessori)

The triangles represent projects promoting education, wellness, and health consciousness via consultations, online self-help, forums, workshops, publications, and Apps.

The Story of The Star’s Projects

Excerpts from "The Other Side of The Curtain: Recovering from Deep Coma":

The Other Side of The Curtain: Recovering from Deep Coma

“Media had diffused a message announcing a global cosmic event to occur a few nights before the end of November 2003. It was announced that the stars that night would form a Star of David in the sky in some parts of the world.

As my mother (Annie Boukris) was living in an area where the sky was mostly clear, I asked her to watch the sky that night. The following morning, I called her.
“ What I really saw, were the stars forming a hexagon in the sky.”
… …
“While family and friends were gathering to remember my mother after her burial, I was sitting on a sofa by the coffee table. One of the paper napkins showed a hexagon with six triangles around it. Astonished, I was repeating to the man sitting next to me, insisting.
“ Look, look! A hexagon!”
Surprised by my reaction, each time the man replied.
“ Yes, it is a Star of David!”
“ It’s a hexagon! The triangles are not touching the hexagon!”
I was remembering my mother’s last words of only a few days ago.
“ What I really saw, were the stars forming a hexagon in the sky.”
… ... ... 

My mother’s simple life had paved a way to fortune beyond a material world by honoring everyone she touched, regardless of religions, races, and orientations (Chapter15).

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui

The Triangles

Each one of the six projects has a function and sub-projects.

(Projects are listed here according to the star logo. On the navigation bar, they are listed according page completion.)

Project Bio Health Education (BHE) 

 “Let us take you higher”  

Project Disappearing Diseases by Nikola Tesla (DDT) 

Nikola Tesla’s healing technology & PNI for life energy and cellular regeneration  

Project Club Re-Kreation (CRK

Leisure, dance, sports, & music for health 

Project Justice 4 Peace (J4P) 

“Love thy Neighbor as you Love Thyself “ An illusion? Or a Vision?” 

Project Soil & Sea Sensational (SSS) 

Celebrating Earth’s Gifts: From Mud, to Food for Life & to Estate of Reality 

Project World Next BestSeller (WNB) 

Promoting selected publications 




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The Star’s Projects offers memberships


Memberships Benefits: 

1) Being affiliated to an organization that promotes education, health, and peace locally and globally. 

2) You will be awarded a certificate. 

3) 20% discount to your first educational project enrollment and your first App purchase; and 10% discount for your next ones during the year of your enrollment.

4) The opportunity to participate for free to online forums, such as "Femmes TEB Voyage – Men Welcome!", a Social Health Project.

5) A 25-minute initial consultation for free (value $150) - Your choice of topic: physical, social, or mental wellness/health; dream analysis; or behavior modification. 

6) A free listing of your idea or product or business promoting education or  healthy lifestyle; or tips for an integrated community or a better planet. 

7) The opportunity to produce a sub-project within one of The Star’s Projects, such as Shelly B. @ The Star Projects

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