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November 2003: Media announced that the stars would form a Star of David in some parts of the world.   

Bio Health Education @ The Star's Projects is a Self-Help & Self-Development System for 

Total Health, Wellness, and Freedom,

and always within a psychoanalytic perspective


"Education will set you free" (Maria Montessori).

The triangles represent projects promoting education, wellness, and health consciousness via consultations, online self-help, retreats, workshops, publications, and Apps for self-development and self-realization.

The Triangles

Each triangle represent a specific project. Each project has a function and sub-projects.

On the navigation bar (left to right), the projects are listed according page completion. Here, they are listed according to the star logo (clockwise): 

Project Bio Health Education (BHE) - This project is ready!

 “Let us take you higher.”         


Project Disappearing Diseases Techniques (DDT) - This project is not ready yet. 

Based on non-invasice technologies & PNI for life energy and cellular regeneration.


Project Club Re-Kreation (CRK) - This project is not ready yet in our new website. 

Leisure, dance, sports, & music for health 

Project Justice 4 Peace (J4P) - This project is developing! 

“Love thy Neighbor as you Love Thyself “ An illusion? Or a Vision?” 

Project Soil & Sea Sensational (SSS) - This project is developing! 

Celebrating Earth’s Gifts: From Mud, to Food for Life, and to Estate of Reality.

Project World New Best (WNB) - This project is ready and always developing!

Promoting selected publications and articles. 


Bio Health Education Self-Help & Self-Development (BHE - SHSD) 

for physical health, mental wellness, and social health for freedom,   

and always within a psychoanalytic perspective.



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The Story of The Star’s Projects

Excerpts from "The Other Side of The Curtain: Recovering from Deep Coma":

The Other Side of The Curtain: Recovering from Deep Coma

“Media had diffused a message announcing a global cosmic event to occur a few nights before the end of November 2003. It was announced that the stars that night would form a Star of David in the sky in some parts of the world.

As my mother (Annie Boukris) was living in an area where the sky was mostly clear, I asked her to watch the sky that night. The following morning, I called her.
“ What I really saw, were the stars forming a hexagon in the sky.”
… …
“While family and friends were gathering to remember my mother after her burial, I was sitting on a sofa by the coffee table. One of the paper napkins showed a hexagon with six triangles around it. Astonished, I was repeating to the man sitting next to me, insisting.
“ Look, look! A hexagon!”
Surprised by my reaction, each time the man replied.
“ Yes, it is a Star of David!”
“ It’s a hexagon! The triangles are not touching the hexagon!”
I was remembering my mother’s last words of only a few days ago.
“ What I really saw, were the stars forming a hexagon in the sky.”
… ... ... 

My mother’s simple life had paved a way to fortune beyond a material world by honoring everyone she touched, regardless of religions, races, and orientations (Chapter15).

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui


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